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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Theme requirements

To use this theme you must be running WordPress 5.0+ or higher, PHP5 or higher, and mysql 5 or higher. Please contact your web hosting service provider to be sure your server complies with the requirements above. To safeguard your website always use secure passwords and the latest version of WordPress and plugins.

Be sure to check php upload_max_filesize and post_max_size is 32M or higher. If you are running shared web hosting you should contact your web hosting service provider to find more information about that. If you are running unmanaged dedicated server or VPS you should check your php.ini file. Alternatively you can edit .htaccess file in the root of your website and add the following values:

php_value post_max_size 32M
php_value upload_max_filesize 32M

Setting these values will ensure you wont get an error reporting that your upload and post memory limit is too low.

Yes, our WordPress theme includes 1-Click Demo Content Importer which allows you to setup the theme quickly as in the demo.

Your theme download package contains all the CSS and WordPress template files, therefore the customization possibilities are endless. But make sure to use child themes if you need to modify or add any new codes in files so that your changes will remain intact on the next update of our theme.
Each theme page has a compare table free vs pro where you can view the detail about the free and pro version. Generally speaking, Pro version includes extra customization features, options, widgets, template and support more plugins. Pro users have access to premium forum and support ticket which are answered from few minutes to 12 hrs time period and yes even on weekends. Whereas free theme have general forum access and don’t have timeframe for the reply.
With the purchase of pro theme you can use the downloaded theme zip file for lifetime. No restrictions on that. This purchase includes new version updates and premium support access for one year. After one year, in order to get access automatic theme updates and premium support you have to renew your license. However, this is completely optional and not an automatic payment. The license can be renewed at a reduced rate for the next year. You will be sent an email when it is time to renew the license.
Absolutely not! Our themes/plugins will continue to work after a year. All premium features will work fine. Our annual fees are there so we can continue to provide updates and outstanding support.
Each time a new version of WordPress is released, we check our themes for compatibility with the new version, and we update them if this is required. Also we update our themes any time we discover a bug or a new feature has been added to the theme.
Your theme will continue to work after your license expires. You are free to continue using the theme for as long as you like, but you will need to renew the license in order to receive support and updates.
Currently all our transactions are processed via Freemius.

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